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Timber Preservation

Industrial pre-treatment with preservatives is the only reliable method of ensuring a long and useful service life for perishable softwoods such as Pine and Spruce. Not only is the durability of the timber extended but the natural appearance can be enhanced for many years.

At PTG we use the latest application technology and preservative treatments to ensure a long service life and pleasing appearance whatever the end use.

The type of treatment and application process will depend upon the end use of the timber. 

There are essentially two treatment processes; high pressure and low pressure. High pressure treatments are generally suited to high hazard situations such as outdoor wood and timber used in ground contact. Low pressure treatments are used in weather protected situations such as timber frame construction and building timbers above DPC

Timber Treatment Services


High Pressure Preservative Treatment

High Pressure preservatives provide long term protection against wood destroying fungi and insects and are used in almost all end use situations. Sentrin Preserve HP is applied to the timber in purpose designed industrial plants using vacuum and high pressure processes. This maximises the penetration of preservative into the timber and provides long lasting protection.


Double Vac Preservative Treatment

Low Pressure preservatives are widely used in lower hazard end use situations such as internal construction timbers and cannot be used unprotected in external environments.The key advantage of Sentrin Preserve LP is lower uptakes of water during treatment and a more natural colour compared with the green high pressure treatments. 

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